I perform mostly civil services, but can certainly include most religions into a ceremony.

Elopement style- Up to 4 persons total . No  attendants, or rehearsal.  Informal photos taken with your phone or camera. Standard Civil service. Can be performed at local parks, etc.   Within 5 miles of Holly springs.   $125  

Elopement upgrade-  Up to 8 persons total. No attendants, or rehearsal.  One in person meeting, if so requested. Ceremony includes vows, ring exchange.   Informal photos taken with your phone or camera. Can be a civile or religious service. Performed at a local park,  backyard, restaurant etc.  Within 10 miles of Holly Springs. $ 175 

Intimate wedding-   Up to 25 persons total.  1 attendant each. One in person , chemistry check -meeting.   One virtual meeting to plan out highlights of service requirements.  Choice or religious or civil service. Choice of services, with minor personalization.   Ceremony in park, backyard, restaurant, etc.  Within 12 miles of Holly Springs.  $250

Made for two-  One in person, chemistry check  meeting.  One hr of planning each persons desires for the ceremony.  Choice of services, along with personalization and vows.  Rehearsal at venue. Choice of religious or civil service.   Within 25 miles of Holly Springs.   $350+ based on level of coordination required with attendants. 

Add ons-   * Rehearsal for first three service options- $50              * Unity type bonding  $25           * Travel outside of above locations can be negotiated.